Empower Yourself with Study Skills

There’s more to Study Skills than good note taking! Have your child take a flexible pace, over a 4-week time frame, 2 days a week-to learn more pieces of the Study Skills puzzle to be a better student in school & beyond.

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In this Study Skills class, students will design a tool to help deter interrupted study time! Students will find out their learning style and review what currently works for them and what doesn’t. Students will learn and practice strategies and tips to start or enhance current habits of getting organized, following directions, time usage, and planning in an efficient manner. This can lead a student to greater confidence, better grades, and more tasks/goals completed!

Pencil and paper is needed to practice note-taking skills and a folder to keep any loose activities in. To practice the habit of meeting deadlines, students need to upload any assignments by the due dates provided in class.

                                                                 3-STEP ENROLLMENT

1.) Choose the time your child can attend from the drop down box choice and add it to the cart. 
2.) Proceed with payment for the program and you will receive a payment confirmation email and an enrollment confirmation email from me within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please CONTACT me to ensure that I received the transaction information.
3.) Your confirmation email will include the instructions on where class login, announcements, quizzes, etc. will occur. The email will also include a Welcome webinar video!

Empower Yourself with Study Skills