Tidy Up Before Algebra Course


For only $12.50 a week, have your child take a flexible pace, over an 8-week time frame, to review the foundational concepts needed before taking End-of-the-Year tests, as a Summer review, or before heading into Algebra I to solidify what he/she already knows while increasing understanding in the areas needing mastery.

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Having the best understanding of Pre-Algebra concepts has a big impact on the success of a student heading into a higher level Math. As long as the student puts towards his/her best effort, this skills review course can be a great refresher for this.

In this skills review course, you will review Math concepts that involve Order of Operations, Absolute Value, Signed Numbers, Equations, Exponents, and more on a flexible schedule. Although the schedule is flexible weekly, in order to keep all students working at a similar pace I can keep up with, the student NEEDS to follow any combination of a 3 day a week schedule to get worksheets (answers provided) and the weekly quiz completed by 12 Noon Central time, Sunday of each week. This will allow the student, parents, and myself to understand how the student is handling the concepts.


1.) Choose the time Flex Schedule course below.
2.) Proceed with payment for the program and you will receive a payment confirmation email and an enrollment confirmation email from me within 24 hours. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please CONTACT me to ensure that I received the transaction information.
3.) Your confirmation email will include instructions on where class login, announcements, and quizzes, etc. will occur. The email will also include a Welcome webinar video!


Tidy Up Before Algebra